About Us

EuroTread is an international distributor of Mining Tires worldwide.

We are able to broker deals between mines and work privately to acquire the precise tires and quantities that are needed for each of our clients.

Our customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we strive to exceed the needs of our clients by personally inspecting each tire we distribute to ensure both the quality and longevity of it. Each tire we procure for our clients exceed Customer expectations for performance and value.

In this fast evolving market, we stay on the forefront to ensure our customers can keep up with production without worry!

The MinePro World

MinePro Technology has received a wide range of recognition and is running at mines in Mexico, USA, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Morocco, Greece, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Mauritania, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Thailand, and other countries. Recent investment in updating existing and adding new production equipment has allowed for an expanded capacity to produce a full line of Giant OTR Mining Tires.