Bias Giant OTR Tires – L5



Bias Giant OTR Tires – L5

  • Steel reinforced loader tire
  • Extra deep tread for loaders and graders providing enhanced cut resistance in severe applications
Tire Size 45/65-45 50/65-51
Ply Rating 58 62
Type TL TL
Design L5 L5
MinePro Code LD-520 LD-520
Tread Depth (mm) 123.5 126
Section Width(mm) 1140 1270
Overall Diameter (mm) 2735 3060
Standard Rim 36.000/4.5 40.00/4.5
Max Load(Kg) 10km/h 50000 58000
Max Load(Kg) 50km/h
Pressure (Kpa) 10km/h 675 575
Pressure (Kpa) 50km/h


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