Radial OTR Tires- E4



Radial OTR Tires- E4

  • Non-directional deep tread pattern for muddy and soft surfaces
  • Excellent traction and flotation -comfortable handling
  • Superior long tread life with superior cut resistance
  • Low rolling resistance for fuel economy
Tire Size 18.00R33 24.00R35
Ply Rating * *
Type TL TL
Design E4 E4
MinePro Code 191B 209B
Tread Depth (mm) 500 655
Load Index Single 1875 2175
Load Index Dual 3594 3490
Section Width (mm) 500 655
Overall Diamete 1875 2175
Standard Rim 13.00/2.5 17.00/3.5
Max Load(Kg) 10km/h
Max Load(Kg) 50km/h 10900 18500
Pressure (Kpa) 10km/h
Pressure (Kpa) 50km/h 700 700


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